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Calculate degree of planets in astrology

These are of many kinds. What it implies is that planets degrees or more towards the center of a sign is deeply colored as per the indications of that sign and hence will give those results strongly.

A planet more towards the corner of a sign Rashi will tend to blend into the previous or next sign and hence not deeply colored as per that sign. This will be one of the 12 signs of course but the lagna as per the birth time will have an exact degree in that sign from 0 to 30 somewhere.

Note this degree. This becomes the most effective point of each bhaav for all the signs.

Strength of planets in horoscope

Example Capricorn rises in ascendant at 20 degrees. Now Aquarius will be the 2nd house. But the 20th degree of Aquarius will give the exact center of the 2nd bhaav which is of money, wealth, family, speech, eating habits etc. Plus or Minus 5 degrees from this of the range of 15 to 25 degrees, the planet still remains strong. Beyond that, the strength in the bhaav goes down by each degree. When the planet is at 4 degrees in a sign in the above case, it has actually gone into the previous Bhaav.

So in the above example say a planet is at 2 degrees in Aquarius.

Astrology lesson 2: Astrology degree of planets and signs made easy (What are degrees in astrology)

Now even though that sign is in the 2nd Rashi sign it is actually in the 1st Bhaav which in this example will extend from 5 degrees in Capricorn to 5 degrees in Aquarius. Translated to English as the 6 fold strength. The calculation has 6 main categories.

Each category can have as much as 10 sub categories implying the calculation actually looks at more than 50 different characteristics in the underlying planet.

The calculation is highly mathematical and detailed but aims at Quantifying each planets Total Power or strength. After the mathematical number is arrived at, there is a Cutoff for each planet. If the planet makes the Cutoff, it is strong enough to give its promised results, if not then it is weak. Each planet has a different cutoff.In this article I am going to discuss, how to go about construction of Horoscope when we have 2 -3 ParametersLike I will give you my personal experience on going on the Linkedin and found a Query put by a querist as follows ; How will be the dasha of a Planet Mercury which has started now and placed in the 11 th house along with 4 planets Saturn, Sun, Jupiter, Rahu.

If you look at it in the first instance it will look ambigious and incomplete data and since there is no mention of the Lagnathe Balance of Dasha and the Birth details. I was wonderingif I could make the chart on the basis of these 2 parameters 1. Dasha of Mercury started on the 8 th July Amazingly I could construct the exact chart of the native as 15 th Sept.

My reaching the above analysis is as follows. I knew the following Parameters in Astrology which successfully I used to reach the exact horoscope of the native. Saturn and Jupiter conjuct in a sign every 20 yearsthey are also in opposition every 20 years and when ever they are in opposition then after 10 years of opposition they are conjuct.

Saturn and Jupiter are conjuct in the 11 th house and important to reach the birth details. Saturn and Rahu conjuct in a sign every years. Now see as per Parameter 1. Saturn and Rahu are in the 11 th house. Hence we have to first look for a period when Saturn Rahu and Jupiter slow moving planets are conjunct. One can imagine very well from the above chart that when Saturn was in Virgo, Jupiter was in Pieces in the yearand in Saturn and Jupiter were in conjuction, 10 years before as mentioned above.

calculate degree of planets in astrology

Now Saturn and Jupiter were also conjuct 20 years back from Hence in the yearat this time Rahu and Saturn were also in conjuction in a sign, since the period from Saturn and Rahu conjuction will be approx. Now we have come to the conclusion that the slow moving Planets Saturn, Jupiter and Rahu were in conjuction in in a sign. Now we have to see the Transit of! As Per my own Chart Saturn is in cancer Since Saturn in on 4 th May was Now is 31 years plus from Hence 4.

On the 4 th Maysee the chart above. Now for Sun to be in Leo the month has to be from 18 th August to 17 th Sept.

calculate degree of planets in astrology

I found the chart of 15th Sept. Now we have all the Planets in the 11 th house along with Mercury as mentioned by the Querist, but Dasha is of Jupiter, since we want Dasha of Mercury on the 8 th JulyMoon has to be in Gemini and the chart thus formed will be of 15 th Sept. New Delhi. Charts of 12th to 18th Sept. Hence the correct chart of the native is of 15 th Sept.

In the Article the formula could also be used to finmd the position of various planets depending upon theirmovements like Jupiter we have Moon Placement is according to Dasha sequence. Mercury can be maximum27 degrees from Sun and Venus 47 degrees. Astrology is most amazing. Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. Email Address. Friend's Email Address.

Your Name. Your Email Address.So the 30 degrees is divided into 5 intervals of 6 degrees each. For the even signs, the order gets reversed. The avasthas for even signs are as follows:. The 4th becomes the mature state. The last and weakest is the old state. Those planets in old state won't be able to give its benefic as well as malefic results. Meaning, we will have to face the issues related to that planet. Now, the ascendant does not get strong or weak depending on its degree.

The activities from which happiness is obtained can be seen through this simple and easy technique which involves the fourth 4th house and its lord. Modi won a great victory in but now with another election due inthe astrologers are having a field day. Will he win? This is the question. The various significations of Mercury in vedic astrology. The effects of Mercury's house placement, conjunction, aspect and many more.

The both is conjunction in 7th house Wat would be the effect.

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Very rare and besides interesting Astrology views, that is not known by anybody, really informative article to study more and get more interesting in Astrology. Especially part describing degrees thus explaining rotation system in planetary system, from a vidic point of view, making astrology of East Asian, based on Veda most famous.

Another method in judging the strength of planets and their capacity to influence the birth chart through vedic astrology. Which planet can influence us more and which planet we will have to deal with more often in our life. This article also includes the importance of ascendant degree and how it influences the planets and dasha ruling period. TAGS : degrees of planets Planets degree strength avasthas in vedic astrology States of planets Importance of ascendant degree.

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How to Calculate the Position of Planets My Research Astrological way

Like it and Rate it below.Vedic astrology based on planetary system. Modern astronomy and Vedic astrology have been able to calculate the movement and direction of planets very precisely and accurately. There are number of books available dealing with Indian Vedic astrology and horoscopes.

One important factor which normally is not taken into account at the time of delineation of horoscope is the strength of the planets and the houses. Shadbala is the system of calculating the strength of the planets in Vedic astrology.

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The nine planets are constantly in motion. At any given time, they occupy a certain place in the heavens i. This gives them a certain amount of strength or weakness. These are six different kinds of strength that a planet can obtain. These are: 1. Sthana Bala or positional strength 2. Dig Bala or Directional strength 3. Kaala Bala or Temporal strength 4. Cheshta Bala or Motional strength 5. Naisargik Bala or Natural strength 6.

Drik Bala or Aspectual strength A compilation of these six different sources of planetary strength is called Shada bala in Indian Vedic astrology. It is the Shada Bala of a planet which tells us whether a planet is strong enough to fulfill its role in a given horoscope. A planet strong in a Shada Bala has the propensity to give good or bad results depending on its nature.

On the other hand, a weak planet will give diseases and difficulties and will not be able to give results. Shada Bala measured in Rupabala or Rupas. The Shada Bala of the two shadowy planets-Rahu and Ketu is not calculated. To evaluate the strength of Rahu and Ketu, there are two schools of thought. As per the classical dictum, the strength of Rahu is the same as that of Saturn and the strength of Ketu is like that of Mars. Rahu and ketu represent the lord of the sign in which they are placed.

Thus if Rahu is present in Taurus and Ketu in Scorpio, the strengths of venus and mars, the lords of Taurus and Scorpio respectively, will present the strengths of Rahu and Ketu.

Sthana Bala positional strength -This is the strength that a planet acquires due to its placements in a particular sign. A planet may be exalted or debilitated; in its own sign or that of a friend, enemy or neutral; it may be in its Moola trikona positive sign or its own Vargas signs in divisional charts.

It may be in a quadrant or succedent or cadent house. All these positions give it some strength which is collectively called Sthana bala. It is made of five sub-parts.

Uchcha Bala exaltation strength 2. Sapta vargiya bala Strength due to Sapta Varga 3.Enter your Date of Birth, Your exact time of birth and place of birth to generate your Natal chart online and find the position of planets, sun and moon at the time of your birth. After determining the positions, it then into different sectors.

My Sun sign and decan calculator

The stars in the galaxy make up constellations and they reside in 12 sections or houses. Thus once the map is determined it is fractured into 12 sections — each section or house under a different Zodiac sign. The inclusion or exclusion of planets in any of these houses can influence each other positively or negatively.

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Hence it is of paramount importance that the chart be drawn precisely at the time of birth, giving positions of sun, moon and others without any error. The accurate time of birth and location are very important for the calculation of the exact degree of the signs that are rising or setting. You can use our birth chart system to calculate your natal chart and find out what it means for you.

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Wear the right gems to get successful in life. Gem Recommendation report Rs. Are you in search for a soulmate? Get Marriage Prediction Rs. Get Your Natal Chart Enter your Date of Birth, Your exact time of birth and place of birth to generate your Natal chart online and find the position of planets, sun and moon at the time of your birth. Birth Date Year Month Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec Day 01 02 03 04 05 06 07 08 09 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 29 30 Bad Times in Life?

Super Horoscope reveals reasons Rs.Different astrology software programs whether online or off can yield slightly different Ascendants and house cusps. How important are these discrepancies? Fortunately, there is truly no need to worry about this, even in the uncommon situation where it might change a house cusp from one sign to another.

I am going to use a couple of examples. First, I entered the following details into the online software on my site and then into Sirius. Sirius uses the ACS Atlas which seems to be the industry standard and is used by many professional astrology software programs.

calculate degree of planets in astrology

Whatever is selected, the differences they make in a chart are equivalent to a difference of a fraction of a minute of birth time. Back to the example: The chart produced from the above birth data yields an Ascendant as follows:. The Ascendant is 4 Sagittarius I am focusing on the Ascendant because it along with the other house cusps is the most sensitive to birth time and birth place differences, so the Ascendant is where you will look first to see if a chart is accurate.

For example, when using the rather popular Whole Sign Houses, the house cusps are all 0 degrees]. As you can see, the Ascendant is different. While the degree position changed, the difference between the two Ascendants is actually only 0 degrees 02 minutes.

So, we have 1 minute to take 3 Sagittarius 59 to 4 Sagittarius 00, plus one more to get to 4 Sagittarius 01, for a total of 2 minutes 0 degrees 02 minutes. I put in the coordinates of each program into Google Maps to illustrate the differences between the two sets of coordinates visually:. First, the coordinates that Google Maps gives for Belo Horizonte are as follows:.

By the way, I am in no way making a case for using the coordinates for the hospital or precise birth location—quite the opposite, in fact.

This is yet another reason not to obsess over these details. I had an easy time with my birth time. I have never tried to adjust or rectify my birth time. But letting go of this comes naturally as you go along. It would be fruitless to pinpoint the hospital coordinates because this would impact my chart the same way as changing my time from PM to PM 15 seconds of time!

The following is the Ascendant of the chart that I go by.

Effects / importance of planets degree and ascendant degree (rising sign degree) in astrology

Again, I focus on the Ascendant because it is the most sensitive to variations of birth time and birthplace:. The chart above is for PM and Toronto.

If I change the location to the precise hospital where I was born, it produces the following:. My Ascendant is now 3 Aries This is because if I change my birth time to PM and use Toronto coordinates, I get the following:.

Just one minute of birth time brought my Ascendant to 2 Aries And again…when was that precisely? I think most astrologers count first breath, but not all agree.So the orb is highly important too. The degrees in astrology are usually one of the most difficult to understand so I am going to add a little information about this here and will elaborate more fully on this subject another time.

Here are the major aspects with a little definition and example for a quick understanding of degrees as we much understand the degrees in order to find the aspects in a natal chart to understand the energy between two planets that are in aspect to each other. The square of 90 degrees is a stress aspect that I call a Life Lesson.

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The trine of degrees is an aspect of karmic reward for something done well in a previous lifetime. So the two planets work very well together. So if Aries Mercury is at 6 degrees and Uranus is at 14 degrees Leo these two planets will work together very well. Usually when you pull up a natal chart there is a graph beneath it that shows ALL of the aspects in the chart. Learn the major aspects first and once you understand the energy of these aspects then you are on your way to interpreting a chart.

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calculate degree of planets in astrology

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